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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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What kind of reports does REACT create?

There are several reports that can be used to manage your assets within REACT:
Keeper Change
These interests have had a change of keeper registered with the DVLA.
VRM/VIN Mismatch
Our database shows that the entered VIN and VRM do not match.
Potential Deletion
These have passed their agreement end date. These can be extended if the interest is still valid, or deleted if it isn't.
Paper Car
There is a risk that these interests only exist on paper. cap hpi generates this report when you record an interest that has no details stored with the DVLA.
Cherished Plates
The identity of these vehicles has changed since it was first recorded.
New Interest on Prior
A new interest from a cap hpi customer which affects one of the assets you have already registered
Prior Interest on New
An existing interest from a cap hpi customer, affecting one of your recent interests.
No Finance Alert
An alert for an asset that is no longer registered on our finance database. But is still, or recently, registered on our security register.
Registration Conflict Report
We will alert you to any asset that has failed to process on our database because of a validation failure. This can include finance insertions or de-registrations, extensions or amendments.
Data Quality Report
This report could highlight system failings or staff input errors. We will notify you of any poor data that we receive about your assets.